Omni-channel Retail Platform

One-stop Management of stores, online stores, social e-commerce

eCommerce platform allows you to easily create an online store, and has built-in different business functions:
POS system, order and inventory management, CRM membership management and conversational commerce, etc.

8 major features to automate operations.


Easily create an online store without any design or coding skills


With absolutely no coding skills required, just a few simple steps can create your online store. Responsive web design is adopted, and the online store can be displayed intelligently on any device.

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Cloud based POS system. Fully automated. Reducing operating costs.


Real-time integration of online and offline sales records of various channels, allowing you to browse anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet, and smart phone. The management interface is simple and easy to use, avoiding manual input errors.

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Connect payment and logistics systems to reduce daily hassle tasks


The system supports diversified electronic payment methods and supports merchants to customize any logistics delivery methods

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Integrated inventory management to improve operational efficiency


You can accurately manage real-time inventory in both online stores and physical stores, and handle the replenishment and transfer arrangements of the front and back offices with our inventory system. Coupled with advanced inventory management functions, whether it is to grasp the fresh sale period of each item or calculate the moving average cost, all can be done with just one click!

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CRM and Loyalty system to improve customer repeat purchase rate


Through our CRM system, all online and offline customers and shopping information can be updated in real time! Our system is also equipped with up to 10 levels of membership system, shopping rewards program and up to 3 levels membership referral program to help you easily increase customer loyalty.

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7 x 24 Chatbot David helps to catch up conversational commerce needs


According to the designated keywords, Chatbot David can handle loads of repeated questions and inquiries for you. Whether it is a private message, a comment under the post or even a response from live broadcast, Chatbot David can automatically reply it in an instant!

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Online booking system to save labor costs


Provide a 24-hour online booking service, and send reminders before the appointment day to reduce the chance of customers being absent from the appointment. Member QR codes are automatically sent for on-site sign-in, and the appointment time can also be readjusted in the backend system.

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Other Recommended Features

All online shop operations are managed by STOREBERRY's one-stop retail management platform

No transaction commissions.
Real time sales & inventory reports.
Responsive Web Design
Multiple theme designs.
Free SSL certificates.
Built in SEO optimization.
Facebook Pixel.
Google Analytics.

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STOREBERRY Omnichannel Retail Platform

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