24/7 Operation

7x24 real-time online booking system

'Online booking System' allows merchants to set different reservation methods according to the characteristics of products and services. Merchants can use the calendar to display the available time slots, such as using days/weeks/months to allow your customers to view the dates that are available. Then, you can set the 'Flexible Appointment Period' and 'Fixed Appointment Period' within the service hours. The 'Flexible Appointment Period' is for appointments at any time within the specified time period; the 'Fixed Appointment Period' is for regular appointments within the specified time period. Merchants can set a flexible appointment period or a fixed appointment period according to the form of your product and service. For example, a beauty center can set a flexible appointment time for facial treatments, or an education center can set up regular classes for students to register for appointment.

Reduce Absenteeism

Service appointment reminders

Every time your customer completes the appointment procedure, he will receive an email confirmation notification immediately, and a reminder notification will also be received before the appointment day arrives, reducing the chance of the guest not arriving at the appointment. Systematic email reminders can enhance the professional image of your brand.

Automated Operation

Automatically send member QR code for on-site check-in

The system will also send membership QR codes for customers to show when they come to the store for consumption, and use the membership QR codes to display attendance rates, deduct treatment courses or deduct the number of classes. At any time, the merchant can manage the appointment arrangement in the system backend to arrange, cancel or reschedule the appointment through simple management methods. No matter how the merchant adjusts, the system can update and notify the customer in real time. For example, when the business needs to cancel the appointment, the merchant can notify the customer to re-adjust the time schedule through the system.

Increase Sales

Provide seamless consumer experience

This is not just an online booking system. When connected to the POS system, the merchant can provide customers with a seamless experience from reservation to checkout. Customers can choose to pay online to ensure the reservation quota. This payment setting can reduce the phenomenon of guest absent. After the customer completes the service, you can even use the POS system for on-site remarking, providing discount codes for on-site appointment of new services to increase sales.

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