Conversational Commerce

Reduce labor costs with 7 x 24 online customer service specialist

Surveys show that nearly 90% of consumers prefer to use social media instant messaging to contact businesses! We understand that it is hard for merchants to respond to all messages in real time, so STOREBERRY E-commerce Platform combines with the retail intelligence "Chatbot David" to be your 24-hour online customer service specialist, handling loads of repeated questions and marketing promotion from a large number of customers around the clock, so that your business is no longer restricted by time conundrum.

According to the designated keywords, Chatbot David can handle loads of repeated questions and inquiries for you. Whether it is a private message, a comment under the post or even a response from live broadcast, Chatbot David can automatically reply it in an instant!

Grow Your Customer Base

Increase brand favorability with automatic reply settings for new customers

Customers often lack confidence and patience with new brands they encounter for the first time. In view of this, STOREBERRY has added the new function “Automatic Reply Settings for New Customers” for Instagram users, where you can set the content of the first reply for new customers who are in contact with the brand for the first time, such as welcome messages, first-time shopping offers, shopping instructions, etc., utilize the warm welcome message to effectively enhance the confidence and goodwill of new customers in the brand, and also avoid the loss of new customers due to failure to respond in time.

Product Shopping Guide

Auto product recommendation for customers by chatbot David

With STOREBERRY, you only need to sort the products in the online store, Chatbot David can automatically respond to customer needs, provide customers with product catalogues, and recommend products to customers in Facebook instant messages. In addition to checking the product and product information in real time in the message, customers can directly add their favorite products to the shopping cart, and can place an order with one click without switching pages!


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