Flexible Management

A single platform to record customer purchase in different channels

Every customer is hard to come by! You can use STOREBERRY's CRM membership management system to view the customer's consumption records in different channels on a single platform. Regardless of whether the customer is shopping online or offline, all customer information can be synchronized update instantly. Through the data export function, you can obtain detailed information about customers, understand their past purchase behavior, distribute personalized product information and preferential promotion, increase customer repeat purchase rate and loyalty, and form a more effective marketing cycle mechanism.

Targeted Promotion

Membership grading system to plan for personalized promotion offer

You can classify members through the CRM system, and set upgrade conditions and exclusive VIP discount prices for members of different levels to increase customers' repurchase intentions. At the same time, it can also further plan exclusive marketing activities for different levels of members, such as providing VIP membership limited discounts, giving trial products to new members, etc., to attract new and old customers to place orders. In addition, the CRM system can provide automatic membership upgrade or downgrade functions instead of manual operations, greatly improving operational efficiency, reducing the chance of human error, and bringing customers a complete and smooth consumption experience.

Offer Setting

Member point discount system to reinforce customer loyalty

The membership points system helps to encourage customers to continue to accumulate consumption points and repurchase without interruption. You can establish your own points redemption rules through the CRM system, and use points to redeem products or cash rewards (cash dollar) activities to attract customers to become members, continue to stimulate repurchase intentions, and enhance customers' brand adhesion and loyalty.

Acquire New Customers

Member-get-Member Program to drive sales

Do you know? More than 60% of new customers of the brand are recommended by members! With STOREBERRY's newly launched member-get-member function, you can activate your membership referral program with just one click. You can flexibly set your personalized reward content: you will get a reward when you register, or you will get a reward every time you spend!Use '1+1 bonus points' to encourage existing members to send links via WhatsApp or Facebook, invite friends to register and spend, and members and friends will get rewards! The referral method is simple and easy to use, helping you to drive sales by word of mouth anytime, anywhere!

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