Social Media Management

Manage Facebook + Instagram posts and private messages in one single platform

With the increasing popularity of social e-commerce, online shopping is no longer limited to the single channel of online stores. Through STOREBERRY's one-stop ecommerce platform, you can connect your online store with Facebook page and Instagram business account, and manage posts and private messages directly in the backend, which is convenient and time-saving.

When you launch the new products in your online store, you can publish Facebook and Instagram posts simultaneously, and also provide product page links for the potential customers to order instantly, which allows you to convert shopping intentions into actual sales in real time!

Sales Automation

Convert social media comments into sales automatically

Always miss the comments under the post and resulting in customer loss? Let STOREBERRY help you solve it easily!

STOREBERRY supports "Conversational Auto Replies" and "Comment Selling" functions for both Facebook and Instagram. Whether it is sending a discount code or placing order for a designated product, customers can receive the private message instantly by leaving a comment under the post! Also, all the related information of the posts which released by the backend will be recorded in the system in detail, and the marketing effect of the post will be seen at a glance!

Live Selling Function

Generate sales through live streaming when customers respond with “keyword+1”

The audience interaction rate of Facebook Live is 10 times higher than that of ordinary videos! With STOREBERRY, you only need to choose the product for selling and set up the product keywords before your live broadcast, then all customers can easily add products to the shopping cart by leaving a comment with keyword during your live broadcast!

The message specifications are not limited to capital or small letters and single item orders. Whether customers leave a message with "a+1" or "A+1, B+1", the system can clearly identify the keywords, and send the shopping cart to the customers instantly.

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