If you are looking for higher sales and reduced admin work, our chatbot David holds the key. Through David, your customers will be interacting with a human representative, the chatbot or a mixture of both, always receiving the best possible customer service

Reply automatically, even when you are busy

Are you struggling with the number of enquiries or social media PMs you receive day after day from potential clients? Do you find that your customers are asking the same repetitive questions? We have the answer, give it to David and he’ll take on all of those questions and have clear and concise responses for your customers in seconds.

Running your store, 24/7 and at 360 degrees

David allows you to reach far beyond the boundaries of human sales, enabling your store to operate smoothly, responding to business requests and generating sales for you all day, every day. With much less admin work, David also allows you to focus your time and energy on generating new business opportunities, while keeping your existing clients happy.

Instant conversion of enquiries into sales

We realize that customers have the highest purchase intent at the time of enquiry. Here at Storeberry, we’ve taken advantage of this, by using David to guide the flow directly from query to sale.

Omnichannel O2O eCommerce Platform

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