General and account

Setting up staff account

  1. Go to "Settings"

  2. Click "Staff Account"

  3. Click "Add Staff"

  4. Choose the account type:

    1. Admin --can access xxxxxx
    2. Store Manager -- can access xxxxxxxxxxxx
    3. BA -- can access to xxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Click "Save"


Adding a retail store

  1. Go to "Shops"

  2. Click "Add Shop"

  3. Associate the related staff to the shop created

  4. Click "Save"


Create a customer account

  1. Go to "Customers"

  2. Click "Add Customer"

  3. Enter the customer information and click "Save"


How to record customer purchase via web POS

  1. If this is a new customer, create the customer account first
  2. If this is a returning customer, select the customer from "Select customer" list

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