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Physical Store POS

# 3.1 Operational Functions

(i) Checkout

1)Go to the POS page and select the items to be checked out. The selected products will then appear in the checkout column on the right hand side, and you can change the quantity and unit price of the product one by one as needed.

*For instructions on using product remark on POS, please click here.

2)Click the small icon on the upper right to enter customer's information. You can search for old members by entering their name/email address/phone number, or click on the small icon on the upper right of the search box to add the new customer.

3)You can enter remarks and delivery information here if needed:
“Pickup Later”: Adding the number of “Delivered” means that the product has been delivered to the customer, while “Pending Delivery” means that the customer has not received the product and needs to wait for the delivery arrangement.

“Remark”: Here you can enter the remarks for customers or for internal viewing only. You can also click 「Select Template」 on the right to add an order remark from the preset templates.

4)If there is an ongoing promotion, the system will automatically add the discount according to the conditions. You can also manually enter the discount code to provide discounts, or click 「Adjustment」 to directly enter the full discount and change the total amount.

5)Click 「Total」 at the bottom right to go to the checkout page. Customers can choose a single payment method, or pay a specified amount through multiple payment methods to settle the payment. If the product is out of stock, the system will also pop up a notice immediately.

6)You can click 「Preview」 at the top right to double check the order before checkout, and then click 「Check Out」 to complete the payment. After the checkout is completed, the system will automatically display the key information like reward point balance and redemption amount. You can also click 「View and Print A4 Receipt」 or 「Print Receipt (Thermal)」 to print the receipt according to the type of receipt.

Add Product Remark

1)Add customer information:
Enter the POS page, click the 「Select Customer」 icon on the upper right to enter the customer page, then enter the customer's name or information in the search box, and click 「View Details」 to enter the customer information page.

*If you need to create a new member, please refer to 3.1 (iv) Add Member.

2)Enter the required information for the custom field:
Click 「Custom Fields」 , and enter the customer's information one by one on the custom fields you have set in advance, then click 「Save」 .

3)Choose a customer:
Return to the POS page, click the 「Select Customer」 icon on the upper right again to enter the customer page and then click to add the customer to the order.

4)Add product remark:
If the product remark template has been added to the product: you only need to go to the POS page and click to select the product, then you will see the remark column of the product in the pop-up window, and the system will automatically fill in the customer's corresponding information according to the preset remark template settings. Then click 「Add」 to add the product to the checkout.

If the product remark template has not been added to the product: you can first click to select the product on the POS page, and click the 「 pencil image button」 to the right of the product in the checkout column. Then directly enter the remarks on the product remark column, or click 「Select Template」 on the right to add the product remark from the preset templates. Finally, click 「Save」 to complete the setting.

5)To print a receipt:
After completing the product remarks template setup and checkout, you can click 「Print Receipt (Thermal)」 to print the receipt. The relevant customer information in the product remarks will also be displayed on the receipt*.

*The product remark template function currently only supports thermal paper receipt printing.

(ii) Order Overview

You can click 「Orders」 at the top left of the POS page, and then click 「View Order」 to review the order details.

(iii) Product Return/ Refund

Product Return

1)You can click 「Orders」 at the top left of the POS page, and then click the 「Exchange」 button next to the order.

2)Choose the products and quantities to be exchanged from the left, and then click 「Next」 to select new products for exchange. If the value of the exchanged product is lower than the original product, you can choose 「Exchange and refund $XXX」 or 「Exchange without refund」 , and then click 「Checkout」 to complete the exchange process.

If you don’t need to exchange for other items, you can directly click 「Exchange and refund $XXX」 「Checkout」 to complete the return procedure.

Order Refund

1)You can click 「Orders」 at the top left of the POS page, and then click 「View Order」 next to the order.

2) Click 「Refund this order」 「Confirm」 at the top right of the order details, and the order status will be updated to “Refund” immediately.

(iv) Add members

You can click the small icon at the top right corner to enter the customer page, and then click the small icon on the top right of the search box to add customer information and register as a member.

(v) Review Sales Summary

Click the "☰" icon at the top left corner, and then select 「Summary」 in the toolbar.

(vi) Price Adjustment Limit Settings

1)You can select the POS that you need to set permissions in the STOREBERRY Admin Panel 「Physical Stores POS」 , and then click the 「Edit」 button on the right.

2)Choose 「Yes」 in the “Require enter store manager account credential to use POS adjustment function” box. You can also choose whether to display the original price on the receipt in the “Receipt Configuration” column. Then click 「Save」 to save the settings.

3)After updating the setting, you must first enter the store manager’s account and password before you adjust the price of the total order amount or enter a discount during checkout.

# 3.2 Payment Device

(i) BBPOS ( BB POS WisePOS™ 4G Series)

1)Connect the BBPOS machine to the same wireless local area network (Wi-Fi) as the printer.

2)Click to open the "WisePay" application, and then log in to your account.

3)Click the icon on the upper right to get the IP Address of the BBPOS machine.

4)Back to the STOREBERRY Web POS interface and click 「Settings」 in the upper right corner. Choose 「POS Terminal」 at the top and enable 「BB POS WisePOS™ 4G」 , then enter the IP Address on the BBPOS machine in the column below. Finally, you can click 「Test Connection」 and after the browser successfully pops up a note with “Success”, click 「Trust This Device」 to save the settings and select payment method settings below if needed.

# 3.3 POS Hardware Setup

(i) Thermal Printer ( MCP31L Series )

*Interested? Click HERE to reach out to the STOREBERRY Sales Team!

1)Connect the LAN cable to the POS printer.

2)Connect to the electric power and then turn on the printer. Please ensure that the AC adapter is properly connected to the printer before being connected to the electric power.

3)Turn on the printer and insert paper, and then press the buttons on the printer according to the picture to print out the printer information with IP Address.

4)Back to the STOREBERRY Web POS interface and click 「Setting」 in the top right corner. Enable 「Star mC-Print3 」 , and enter the IP address in the column below. Then click 「Test Print」 and press 「Save」 after the printer successfully prints a note with 「Test Print」 .

Import BBPOS certificate (Firefox Only)

Import BBPOS certificate (Firefox Only)

1)On top right click the menu and click the preferences

Import BBPOS certificate (Firefox Only)

2) Click privacy & Security, and then scroll to bottom click View certificates

Import BBPOS certificate (Firefox Only)

3)Click authorities,and import the BBPOS certificate

Import BBPOS certificate (Firefox Only)

4)Select the BBPOS certificate ( Download Here )

Import BBPOS certificate (Firefox Only)

5)Trust BBPOS all permission and click OK

Import BBPOS certificate (Firefox Only)

(ii) Barcode Scanner (NETUM C750)

*Interested? Click HERE to reach out to the STOREBERRY Sales Team!

NETUM C750 barcode scanner provides a total of 2 wireless connection modes, including "2.4G radio frequency mode" and "Bluetooth mode".

If you choose to connect your barcode scanner in "2.4G RF Mode":

1)Please plug in the 2.4G USB to your computer first.

2)Use the barcode scanner to scan the following "2.4G RF Mode" barcode to enter the pairing mode, and the barcode scanner will automatically complete the pairing.

If you choose to connect your barcode scanner in "Bluetooth Mode":

1)Use the barcode scanner to scan the "Bluetooth Mode" barcode, the barcode scanner will enter pairing mode, and the blue LED will flash.

2)Turn on your mobile device and go to the Bluetooth setting, turn on the Bluetooth and click "C barcode scanner" to pair. After successfully pairing, there will be a voice prompt, and the blue LED light will keep on.

(iii) Label Printer(DYMO Label Writer)

*Interested? Click HERE to reach out to the STOREBERRY Sales Team!

Installation Method - Windows version:

1)Users can go to the officia DYMO website and download the driver from the download page.

2)After the download is complete, open the program and follow the instructions to install it, and restart your computer according to the instructions after completion.

3)After restarting the computer, you can connect the label printer to the power source, and then to the computer.

4)Go to the Settings and click 「Devices」

5)Go to “Printers & Scanners” and find “DYMO LabelWriter”, then click 「Manage」

6)Tap 「Printing Preferences」 then go to “Paper/Quality” at the top left corner of the pop up window. Choose 「Custom」 and click 「Advanced...」 to the next step.

7)Change the following settings and click 「OK」 to set up the DYMO label printer.

Paper/Output > Paper Size:

Label Size Paper Size
24*12mm 11353 Multi-Purpose
54x25mm 11352 Multi-Purpose
51x19mm 11355 Multi-Purpose

Graphic > Print Quality: 300 x 600 dots per inch

Printer Features > Print Quality: Barcode and Graphics

8)After connecting, you can use the attached design software to make labels.

Available Label Size:
The label printer supports 4 label sizes of barcodes and QR codes printing, including 36*89 mm、51*19 mm、54*25 mm and 24*12 mm(24*12 mm for QR code printing only)

Barcode and QR Code Printing Method

1)Before printing the barcode/QR code of the product, please ensure that you have entered the barcode number (used by the barcode) or SKU (used by the QR code) for your product. You can go to STOREBERRY Admin Panel 「Products」 and click on the product you want to print a barcode / QR code, and click 「Edit Product」 to add a barcode number / QR code SKU.

2)After entering the barcode number / QR code SKU for the product, you can go to STOREBERRY Admin Panel 「Products」 at the top right of the page and click 「Print label」 , then select the product you want to print the barcode / QR code and enter the number of print. Then click 「Submit」 .

3)Select the label type, and click 「Print」 to print it out. You can also click 「Download PDF」 to archive the barcode / QR code.

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