Multiple Warehouse Management

Online store and in-store inventory at a glance

Managing a business is most worried about the loss or error of inventory and sales data! STOREBERRY’s advanced inventory management system allows you to more efficiently manage inventory in online stores and physical stores. No matter how many warehouses you have in different locations, you can track the product information and data of each warehouse through the product tracking display page.

Multiple Warehouse Management
Intelligent Management
Intelligent Management

Simplify warehouse management, make replenishment and transfer faster

Want to easily manage the transfer arrangements between warehouses? STOREBERRY has a special warehouse management component, and simultaneously adds a replenishment application function in the front and back-end, which is convenient for you to handle the arrangement of transferring and distributing goods between warehouses in a unified manner. Through the system, the Store Manager can skip redundant procedures and apply for replenishment directly to the warehouse according to the store's inventory. This prevents the loss of sales revenue due to out-of-stock situation, and at the same time makes the process of replenishment and warehouse transfer more smooth!

Control Cost Effectiveness
Control Cost Effectiveness

Master product batch and expiration date management

Controlling cost-effectiveness is of utmost importance to business development. Therefore, it is even more important to handle purchased merchandise orders rigorously so that you can accurately grasp the fresh sale period of each merchandise, and you can formulate sales strategies in a timely manner and avoid waste due to expired merchandise.

Advanced Inventory Management
Advanced Inventory Management

Moving average cost calculation tool to accurately understand the profit of merchandise sales

Since the price of newly purchased goods is usually different from the price of existing goods, if you do not calculate the moving average cost, you may not be able to accurately understand the actual cost and profit of the goods sold. STOREBERRY’s advanced inventory management system provides calculation tools for tracking the moving average cost of products, helping you to negotiate with the corresponding product suppliers at any time.

Existing Commodities A

Newly Purchase Commodities A

Buying Price
Total amount
Moving average cost price
($1,050 / 150 Pcs)

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