An accurate inventory level is a sure way to make your business grow. Minimize common human errors in stock taking and tracking, by implementing the Storeberry approach

One glance eShop and instore inventory

Storeberry offers you a safe, secure and simple to use dashboard approach to your inventory management, from where you can efficiently manage your eShop and store inventory. We provide you with the tools and methods to be able to easily allocate inventory between shops or even warehouses, if your business demands it.

Multi warehouse management

No matter how many warehouses you have in multiple locations, the important information and statistics you need to keep a track of in each warehouse, is neatly displayed on one grid for easy and efficient tracking. We also provide a warehouse management module, where you can send or request stock between your warehouses.

Real time inventory information

We all know how frustrating it can be to lose track of your inventory and sales numbers, we’ve all been there! That’s where our integrated POS and warehouse system comes into its own. It provides you with the perfect way of keeping track of your inventory level in real time, making sure you always stay updated. You can even set alerts, to remind you and your staff when stock levels are getting low and need to be replenished.

Advanced inventory management

Controlling cost-effectiveness is very important to business growth. Therefore, it is even more important to handle purchased merchandise orders rigorously, so that you can accurately grasp the fresh sale period of each merchandise in order to formulate respective sales strategies in time and avoid wastage due to expired products. We also provide tools to track product costs to help you negotiate with the corresponding product suppliers.

Omnichannel O2O eCommerce Platform

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