Omni-channel New Retail

Cloud POS system helps you integrate O2O - online and offline business

Nowadays in the era of O2O, an omni-channel POS system that can integrate online, offline and social media is the general trend. STOREBERRY "Cloud POS System" can integrate all real-time sales, cashier checkout, warehouse inventory, customer information, etc from both online and offline. It supports mobile app and web browsers, so you only need a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer to easily control your business operations on one platform anytime and anywhere.

The user interface of "Cloud POS System" is easy to use and works with high flexibility. In addition to the physical stores, it is also suitable for short-term pop-up shop, holiday-themed market to use than "traditional POS System" superior.

The flexibility is insufficient, as the system can
only be set in a fixed location in store.

The user interface is complicated and it takes
time to familiarize yourself with the operation.

The data is stored in the hardware host only,
which may cause the risk of loss and damage

Mostly only basic functions are included, E.g. inventory
management, sales records, customer information, etc.
The flexibility of system expansion is very limited.

Hardware maintenance usually needs to be sent
back to the original factory for processing.

Purchase only and lack of flexibility.
Add-ons may need to be purchased separately.

Intelligent Management

Traditional POS system

Intelligent Management

Cloud POS system

Regardless of location and time constraints,
use any mobile device to manage at any time.

The user interface is simple to understand and easy to operate.

Data cloud storage, real-time update

In addition to the basic functions, the system will regularly
add and revise advanced functions
, and also link up online
and offline sales and customer data, instant messenger,
social media, online store, etc.

Remote maintenance will be supported by the service provider.

Offer flexible pricing plans that address everyone's
needs, E.g. monthly payment, annual payment, etc.

Intelligent Management
Intelligent Management

Make good use of Barcode and QR code for product management

A good inventory management habit can help you to reduce the operational burden! Through the STOREBERRY "Cloud POS System", you can create your own barcode and QR code for each product anytime and anywhere. And you can also choose to print the product details such as product no. and name, color, size, price, etc. on the barcode label simultaneously, which greatly reduces the chance of inventory errors.

Sales Operations Automation
Sales Operations Automation

Real-time update of performance reports, keeping abreast of the latest data

Whether it is an online store, a physical store, or social media, you can check the real-time sales performance reports of various sales channels at any time via the easy-to-use online platform of STOREBERRY. At the same time, you will be able to keep track of the orders and bank account status of each sales channel through the real-time data. From order confirmation to payment and delivery, all the operation progress status is clear at a glance, making your daily operations more efficient!

Master the Performance of Employees
Master the Performance of Employees

Employee management automation makes operations easier

Don't want all your employees to know the company's internal information? STOREBERRY provides you with unlimited administrator account permissions. You can feel free to set different levels of authority according to each employee, to ensure that employees will not be exposed to unnecessary internal messages. At the same time, the system can automatically organize employee sales records, order quantities, and performance amounts to help you accurately calculate the sales performance of each employee and easily handle internal operations such as bonuses and profit sharing.

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