Special features


Zero Difficulty

Start an online shop in a few simple steps and easily create an eye-catching Responsive Web Design (RWD)

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Zero Restriction

Integrate all of your sales channels by setting up a POS system on your computer, tablet and mobile device so you can use it anytime, anywhere

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Zero Error

Centralize your online shop and physical shop’s on-hand balance into one dedicated inventory system

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Zero Distance

Get real-time updates on all of your customer’s data, purchase and preferences across online and offline channels within one single e-shop platform

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Zero Delay
Instantly connect with your customers and answer enquiries 24/7 with Chatbot

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Other recommended features

Unlimited transactions

Multiple theme designs

One-stop Social media management platform

Multiple secure payments

Customised delivery methods

Real time sales & inventory reports

Free SSL certificates

Built in SEO optimization

And even more features...

Why you need an e-commerce platform like Storeberry for your business in Hong Kong

Nowadays, brick-and-mortar businesses also need a legitimate online presence. To be truly successful in Hong Kong and Asia as a whole, you need online eCommerce platforms, social media platforms and more. Storeberry offers Hong Kong SMEs the chance to centralize and integrate all these aspects into one neat place and create a comprehensive online shop platform. Features like an online store, inventory management, a POS system and more make this possible.

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Omnichannel O2O eCommerce Platform

Asia’s first omnichannel retail platform with built-in eCommerce stores, inventories, POS systems and chatbots.

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