Last update: 01/06/2021

Booking System

# Online Booking Management*

*Exclusive features for Storeberry O2O Booking System Plan

In response to the needs of the retail service industry, Storeberry has set up an online booking system to provide you with diversified sales channels and a more convenient and smooth reservation experience for customers.

1)Add service items

You can go to the Storeberry Admin Panel 「Booking」 「Service」 and click 「Add Service」 in the top right corner to add a new service. Here you can set the details of the service, such as scope of service, pricing, appointment rules, application form, etc.


2)Set store opening dates and booking time slots

After successfully adding a service, you can go to the Storeberry Admin Panel 「Booking」 「Timetable」 and click the pencil icon on the upper right to update the company timetable and set store opening dates.


Then you can return to the main page of [Timetable] and click “Add Timetable” or click the “Details” button on the right side of the service item you want to edit to start editing. Here you can set the open appointment date and time period of the service item, the number of people per time slot, etc.


3)Manage booking arrangement

After completing all the settings, you can check the reservation status on a yearly or daily basis at Storeberry Admin Panel 「Booking」 「Booking」


Meanwhile, you can also go to the Storeberry Admin Panel 「Booking」 「Booking List」 to manage appointments. All bookings will be displayed on the 「Booking List」 page. You can click the 「Details」 button on the right of the booking you want to review, then you will be able to check the booking details, such as who made the booking, what kind of service he/ she booked, and whether the member has attended the booking, etc.


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