Having an all-in-one POS system is crucial for managing inventory, sales transactions and customer information. Selecting the right platform can help streamline day-to-day operations and generate real-time data reports efficiently and securely.
Storeberry’s O2O POS system is easy to use and easily operated on mobile devices. With a system like ours, you can run your business from Hong Kong to anywhere in the world.

Simple set up and quick installation

We understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why we designed our online POS System for ultimate ease of use so it can quickly adapt to your Hong Kong businesses’ needs. Intuitive and user-friendly, our O2O POS System is powerful is in its simplicity, which means it requires no training and can be quickly set up using our installation guide.

Easily operated on mobile devices

In today’s fast-paced and borderless retail environment, a POS system that allows you to flexibly operate and update your business on the go from mobile devices such as your phone is vital. Our adaptable interface will enable you to check up on your online business functions and attain actionable insights anytime, anywhere. If you run a physical store, your staff can operate the business through simple-to-connect mobile devices from the shop floor along with our low-cost readers and scanners. Because of this, our POS system is also ideal if you are planning to open pop-up stores or weekend markets in Hong Kong.


Barcode and QR code management

One of the real pride and joys of our POS system is the barcode/QR code label creator. With our barcode and QR code inventory management, you can create labels that encode multiple product attributes, such as SKU, warehouse, image, name, prices, and stock availability for your business in Hong Kong. Whether you select the conventional barcode or the information-rich QR code as your inventory management system of choice, having a digital logging system that quickly scans and records product info is crucial in ensuring inventory accuracy and reducing stock management costs.

Seamless integration with electronic payment terminals

Storeberry can integrate seamlessly with various electronic payment terminals, including BBPOS WisePOS 4G. WisePOS 4G is a powerful mobile payment device that can handle various payment transactions from credit cards, debit cards, contactless payments, QR code payments, EMV, loyalty and installments in a single terminal. Storeberry’s retail POS system then transfers the transaction amount to the payment terminal electronically. In doing so, any manual input error at the payment terminal is eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

The one-stop POS retail system can systemize the operation process and reduce human errors, such as inventory, checkout, etc., and improve work efficiency. On the other hand, you can still check the operating status of the store in the POS retail system through the internet, even if you are not in Hong Kong at the moment.

The POS retail system is particularly suitable for the catering, retail and service industries. More and more people in Hong Kong are opening their own brand online stores. The POS retail system helps you manage your inventory and keep abreast of in-store information.

Omnichannel O2O eCommerce Platform

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