Your omnichannel experience starts here. We offer a smooth and unified shopping experience that enhances our customer engagement

Painless instore and online promotions

We provide promotional programs that are pre-made and easy to implement, boosting your online and offline sales in no time at all and generating an abundance of new business opportunities. Once set up, these promotions work in sync for all retail channels, bringing customers together from online and offline environments.

The best customer experience. Anywhere. Everywhere

Your customers have the ability to shop from anywhere, anytime, using a variety of secure options and receive merchandise across different retail channels.

Keep track of customer activities, in a 360 degree way

Whether your customer buys online or in your shop, you can view all of your customer transactions, history and interactions on one single platform, making it efficient and well organized. You can also build strong customer loyalty and deliver a personalized service, with a 360-degree view of your customer transactions and interactions across all your channels.

Personalize. Exceed your customer’s expectations.

We build and strengthen your customer’s loyalty and deliver a personalized service, based on previous purchase behaviors and product interests.

Keep your customers loyal

Integrating online and offline customers is simple with our loyalty module. You can set members’ tier levels, create eCoupons to drive sales, or take customers to different retail channels for purchase. Best of all, customer profiles are in sync, no matter whether they purchase online or offline.

Omnichannel O2O eCommerce Platform

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