What kind of payment method I can set up?

For online payment, our merchants can set up Paypal and Stripe which supports VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay. You can also set up bank transfer and cash on delivery.

For bank transfer, your customer simply need to upload their bank receipt and attach it to their order, this helps to reduce the admin work for you to check the bank statements for payments.


Setting up payment gateway

  1. Click "Setting"

  2. Select "Payment"

  3. Enable Paypal, Stripe, bank payment and cash on delivery by enabling them and input the required information accordingly

  4. To set up Paypal and Stripe, please follow the steps below.
    Getting Paypal Client ID and Client Secret
    Getting Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key

  5. Click"Save"


Getting Paypal Client ID and Client Secret

  1. First, sign up or login with your Paypal Business account

  2. Click "My Apps & Credentials" on menu

  3. Select "Live" and then click "Create App"

  4. Fill the App name then click "Create App"

  5. A set of API keys "Client ID" and "Secret" will be generated. Please copy and paste them on the Payment method page of Storeberry


Getting Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key

  1. First, sign up or login with your Stripe account

  2. In the dashboard page, click on the arrow next to your account name

  3. Click "New account"

  4. Enter your Account Name and click "Create account"

  5. Click "Developers"

  6. Select "API keys"

  7. Make sure "Viewing test data" is disabled

  8. Copy your "Publishable key" and "Secret key accordingly

  9. Paste under "Stripe" session in Storeberry payment gateway set up


What is the transaction fee for the payment gateway?

The transaction fee for payment gateway is charged directly to the payment gateway and Storeberry does not charge any handling fee on top. Please refer to the below for the respective transaction fee charging model.




PayMe for Business

1. What is “PayMe for Business”?
PayMe for Business lets businesses collect payments from customers easily in PayMe, transfer collected payments to a business bank account, view transaction history and export transaction reports, and make refunds to customers in PayMe if needed.

2. Any transaction limit in “PayMe for Business”?
As an HSBC business banking customer, there are no upper limit to how much you can transfer to your bank account from your PayMe for Business account.

3. Will I be charged a fee to use PayMe for Business?
A standard 1.2% fee will be applied per PayMe for Business app transactions. For transactions using PayMe APIs (e.g. through your integrated website or mobile apps), the standard fee will remain as 1.5% per transaction.

4. Is PayMe for Business available for all Storeberry users?
PayMe for Business is available for all Storeberry users, except trial user.

5. Who can sign up for PayMe for Business?
Currently, only HSBC Business Internet Banking customers can sign up and use PayMe for Business.

If you’re an HSBC Commercial Banking customer but haven’t signed up for Internet Banking yet, you can do so here to make sure you can use PayMe for Business.

If you are not a HSBC Commercial Banking customer and you’d like to open an account or discuss how HSBC can help your business thrive, sign up here and we'll be in touch.

  1. Step 1: Get PayMe Business app
    Please get the PayMe for Business app here:

  2. Step 2: Register
    Open the PayMe for Business APP, and register the account. Please refer to Starter Guide as reference:

  3. Step 3: Profile icon
    After completed the registration, please tap the top right “profile icon”.

  4. Step 4: Need to get in touch
    Select "Help centre" and tap "Send an enquiry”.

  5. Step 5: Online Payment
    Tap “Select a topic” and select “Online Payments” as the topic. Please submit an in-app message with the following copy: “I'm a STOREBERRY customer and interested in using PayMe to collect payments online. My STOREBERRY Identifier is (INSERT STOREBERRY STORE’s URL HERE, e.g.”

  6. Step 6: Confirm
    Please reply with "Confirm" to confirm your acceptance with the terms.

  7. Step 7: Client ID
    Once you have confirmed the terms, you will receive (i) an email attached with an encrypted file for your Setup credentials; and;(ii) password for decrypting the PDF file via an in-app message on your PayMe for Business app.
    After you successfully decrypt the file, you will get your credentials that are needed for integrating your PayMe for Business account with your shop.

6. How to set Up PayMe for Business on Storeberry?
Click ‘online store’ > ‘Payment’ > Activate ‘PayMe for Business’

Fill the credentials into corresponding fields.
* Please DO NOT change these details, or else this payment method will become invalid.

Remember to ‘Save’.


How can customer check out via PayMe For Business?

1. For desktop
Customers choose 'PayMe' as payment method, a PayCode is shown.
* Please stay at this page for confirmation after completed payment on PayMe.

Customer can use their PayMe app on their mobile device to scan the PayCode and enter their PayMe PIN or use Touch ID to complete the payment.

2. For mobile
Customers choose 'PayMe' as payment method, click 'Place Order' and then will be directed to PayMe app
* Please stay at this page for confirmation after completed payment on PayMe.

After being directed to PayMe app, customer enter their PayMe PIN or use Touch ID to complete the transaction.


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