[STOREBERRY's 6 CRM Functions] Cultivate members to become your loyal customers!

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“Why I need to operate a membership programme and manage my customers?”

I believe that there are quite a lot of merchants who are running small businesses, think that "membership management" is something that the brands with a large amount of customers do. Those merchants from small businesses often spend most of their time operating their online stores. It is too time consuming for them to spend extra time to take care of each customer.

But you know what? The vast majority of your brand revenue actually comes from your exisiting customers! Indeed, the relationship between customers and your brand is like friends. Just think about it, if your customers have no feelings for your brand, once there are more favorable and similar products on the market, your customers will go to other shops immediately without hesitation. On the contrary, if your brand has established a close and trustworthy relationship with your customers, they will become your loyal customers and be associated with your brand, and cause them to make more purchases in the future.

Definitely, close and successful customer relationships aren't built overnight. It requires long-term communication and interaction between the two parties to gain a positive impact on your brand reputation and increase customer loyalty. Therefore, what you need is a CRM system that can automatically manage members for you, and also helping you to cultivate loyal customers without interruption!

In addition to real-time integration of online and offline data, automated customer data management and 24/7 on-call chatbots, how many preferential features can an excellent automated membership management system include for operating members? Check it out now!


STOREBERRY Membership & Loyalty Feature 1: Member Get Member (MGM) Referral Rewards Program

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According to Harvard Business Review, new members who are recommended to join are 16% more profitable for brands, and 18% more loyal than other new members! Through STOREBERRY's MGM member referral reward function, merchants can activate the brand's member referral program with just one click. And then your existing customers can help you easily drive new customers through simple and easy-to-use referral methods!

After the function is enabled, you can choose to set what the referral rewards are, and so as to encourage existing members to send a link through WhatsApp or Facebook to invite friends to register and spend in your online store. You can go to the Storeberry Admin Panel > [Loyalty] > [Loyalty Setting] and click “Referral Program” on the upper left to simply activate the referral program, and then you can flexibly set personalized rewards: Rewards for registration, Rewards for every purchase and more for up to 3 levels* of referral and consumption reward schemes to make your referral program more varied and interesting! Example is as follows:

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*Exclusive function of STOREBERRY's omni-channel plan is set as a single layer of reward scheme by default. If you are interested in adding the 2nd or 3rd level of reward scheme, please contact the STOREBERRY sales team.


STOREBERRY Membership & Loyalty Feature 2: Loyalty Points and Cash Dollars Program

A loyalty points program is a powerful retention tool which can help you to acquire new customers and maximize customer lifetime value with points & rewards! You can go to STOREBERRY Admin Panel > [Loyalty] > [Loyalty Setting] to enable the functions of “Earn points via shopping” and “Cash Dollar Redemption” with one click, and set the points redemption rules and expiration dates of your own brand. Develop a loyalty program for your existing customers and offer them free gifts and points toward rewards can be an investment to retain customers. It can easily increase your brand loyalty and drive repeat sales from your customers!

On the other hand, merchants can use STOREBERRY's CRM system to identify customers who have not repurchased for a period of time, and regularly send them “return welcome gifts” through SMS or EDM, such as the limited-time point rewards that can be used as cash in your online store. This can let members remember your brand, and also provide incentives to attract them to repurchase immediately!


STOREBERRY Membership & Loyalty Feature 3: Member Top-up Wallet

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The member top-up wallet function allows customers to place orders on your online store in just one-click anytime, anywhere. With this function, you can provide a more seamless and convenient payment experience for your customers, and also greatly enhance the stickiness of those existing customers and find out the most loyal customers!

Merchants can go to STOREBERRY Admin Panel > [Loyalty] > [Loyalty Setting] to activate the e-wallet function and set the expiration date of the deposit, and provide more top-up discounts to attract consumers to use e-wallets through the Top-up function.


STOREBERRY Membership & Loyalty Feature 4: Membership & Top-up Wallet Products

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In addition to the basic membership plan, STOREBERRY also provides membership purchase and wallet top-up functions to help attract your customers to prepay for purchases!

You can go to STOREBERRY Admin Panel > [Loyalty] > [Loyalty Products] and click “Add Product” at the top right to add membership upgrade and wallet top-up items for customers to purchase, providing a more diversified brand membership system for your brand.


STOREBERRY Membership & Loyalty Feature 5: Membership Tier Settings

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Through the STOREBERRY member management system, you can create up to 6 levels of membership levels, and the advanced member management module even supports up to 10 levels of membership levels, which is convenient for merchants to set upgrade conditions and exclusive VIP preferential prices for members of different levels! Moreover, the system also includes the "Express Membership Upgrade" setting, which makes your membership system more flexible and has more incentives to attract members to purchase!

It is suggested that merchants can divide members into at least 3 to 5 levels according to different consumption habits. The higher the membership level, the more exclusive discounts! Meanwhile, by planning exclusive marketing activities for members of different levels, such as providing exclusive discounts for VIP members, giving free trial products, members' birthday gifts and other upgrade benefits, to greatly enhance the loyalty of members.

Moreover, a complete CRM system must be able to achieve operational automation! In addition to providing automatic membership upgrade and downgrade, STOREBERRY is also equipped with automatic functions such as automatic renewal of membership tiers, reward point conversion, post-upgrade consumption amount carry-over, and consumption amount deduction when returning goods, etc., in order to improve the operational efficiency of online stores and bring customers a smooth consumption experience.


STOREBERRY Membership & Loyalty Feature 6: Discount and Promotion Settings

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Want to increase sales quickly? Organizing a Sales Promotion Campaign is definitely one of the most effective strategies. STOREBERRY has prepared different types of discounts and free gifts promotion setting functions, allowing you to more flexibly arrange and match your strategy to boost sales.

At the same time, all discount setting modes of STOREBERRY can be "triggered with discount code"! Merchants can click “Trigger by promotion code” under the settings and set the promotional code after selecting the promotional activity, to let only those customers who have the promotional code can enjoy this exclusive offer. In order to avoid abuse of discounts, you can also set a limit on the number of times each member can use it to help you control your budget more effectively.


About STOREBERRY Omnichannel Retail Platform

Whether you want to open an online store or expand your business with digital transformation, STOREBERRY has different system subscription plans to help you open an online store and even an omnichannel retail business!

The STOREBERRY platform has been equipped with a variety of e-commerce functions, such as the cloud based POS system connecting multiple electronic payment methods and logistics options, inventory management, CRM membership management, membership promotion and discount settings, connection to social media Facebook to manage posts, and Chatbot David can be set to reply to customer questions or orders to help you automatically operate and sell 24/7.

No other hidden charges or transaction commission to be charged! Register now to contact STOREBERRY service consultant to make an appointment for system demonstration and explanation, or register for a 30-day free trial to see how useful it is!

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