4 Social Commerce Pain Points And How to Solve Them With Facebook + Instagram Comment Selling

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Social commerce, the convergence of e-commerce and social media, is one of the most popular types of e-commerce business in recent years. Through social media platforms, you can use the business page of your brand to enhance interaction with your own customers, and also use posts and live broadcasts to create a more personalized and targeted shopping experience for customers. In fact, it offers plenty of business benefits for your brand.

As the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook and Instagram are one of the best selling platforms around the world. According to the latest report, Facebook and Instagram have 2.89 billion and over 1 billion monthly active users respectively.

However, I believe that any of you who are using social commerce platforms must have had these troubles:

  • Manual replying to messages is extremely inefficient?

  • Is it time-consuming and error-prone to use Excel to record orders from social e-commerce?

  • Facebook and Instagram posts were deleted for no reason, and all the message records are lost?

  • Want to extend the limited discount offer after the live broadcast is over. How can I arrange it more conveniently?

To solve all the above problems, STOREBERRY's new function “Automated Facebook + Instagram Comment Selling” can help! In this article we will deeply elaborate on the key features of this new function, and also teach you how to overcome the pain points one by one through real cases!


Pain Point 1:

Manually confirming orders from social media platforms is inefficient and time-constrained

Different from general e-commerce platforms, the original intention of social media is to provide channels for interaction between people. Therefore, if you want to use a social commerce platform as one of your selling platforms, you can only rely on post comments and instant messages to receive orders. However, as a small business, it is already very time-consuming to deal with the operation of online and physical stores every day. How can it be possible to spare enough time to confirm a large number of orders from social media and instant messages one by one?

With STOREBERRY's "Automated Facebook + Instagram Comment Selling" function, you can enable the comment selling function when drafting posts on the backend, and then set the corresponding keywords and response message templates to easily complete the settings. As long as customers leave a comment under the post with "keyword +1" (E.g. A + 1), STOREBERRY’s chatbot David can instantly reply and confirm all orders from the social media post via Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct, helping you catch up on customers' orders without any time limits.

Worried that customers do not follow the instructions to enter keywords, making the system unrecognizable?

No worries. STOREBERRY’s new function provides more flexible message specifications. Regardless of whether the customer’s message enters “A+1”, “a+1!”, Or “A+1, B+1”, STOREBERRY’s chatbot David can clearly identify the order, and then send the shopping cart to the customer via instant message, allowing the customer to confirm the payment in real-time.

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Pain Point 2:

Relying solely on Excel to record orders from social commerce platforms is time-consuming and error-prone

Although social commerce brings you more sales and benefits, all the data including the conversation with customers and orders cannot be integrated with your own online store system. You may need to record the orders information and data in other places, and also have to deduct the stock manually. This may result in a great increase in workloads and also the chance of mistakes in the stocks.

For the posts published through STOREBERRY, all sales data and messages are automatically recorded by the system and updated synchronously with online store. Regardless of the quantity and content of comments and messages, the number of products added to shopping carts, and the number of orders, all can be checked in the backend at any time! Meanwhile, the products sold in social commerce will be automatically linked to the inventory of the online store, so that your sales results are clear at a glance.

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Pain Point 3:

Facebook and Instagram posts can be removed for no reason and all comments lost without warning

Recently, lots of posts from different Facebook and Instagram users have been deleted suddenly by Meta without warning. In fact, all content posted on Facebook and Instagram is regulated by the “Community Standards”, which is formulated by the Meta content policy team. Once they believe that the content of your post involves illegal content, it may be deleted at any time. Imagine that if your sales post is suddenly deleted, all the order messages from customers under the post will also be lost. This can lead to unnecessary losses and even affect the customer’s impression of the brand.

With STOREBERRY, the system will automatically record and store all information of the Facebook posts published through STOREBERRY, including the content of the post, the content of all messages, and also the user name and icon of the person who left the message. Even if Meta deletes your post, the data in the system will not be affected in any way, so you can post your post without any worries.

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Real Case: @protectsavings Facebook Page

One of STOREBERRY’s clients, @protectsavings Facebook page, held a prize-winning quiz game on the page before, participants only needed to write down the creative answers in the comment to have a chance to win the prize. The response to the event was very enthusiastic, with more than a hundred participants. But then the post was suddenly deleted by Meta on the same day for no reason.

Fortunately, our client used STOREBERRY to publish the Facebook posts, so all comments and information of participants can be kept intact.


Pain Point 4:

I want to extend the limited time offer after the Facebook and Instagram Live broadcast ends. How can I arrange it more conveniently?

“The limited time offer launched during the live broadcast has received an overwhelming response. I want to extend the offer but the live broadcast has ended, what can I do?”

STOREBERRY’s new function provides you with more flexible sales arrangements. You can post a limited-time discount post through the system after the live broadcast is over, and customize the discount period when drafting the post. It’s up to you how long you want to extend the discount offer! Moreover, you can also enter the content of the response message after the sale ends in advance, so that the system will automatically help you reply to expired messages through the comment under the post or instant message after the discount period expires, greatly improving operational efficiency!

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About STOREBERRY Omnichannel Retail Platform

Whether you want to open an online store or expand your business with digital transformation, STOREBERRY has different system subscription plans to help you open an online store and even an omnichannel retail business!

The STOREBERRY platform has been equipped with a variety of e-commerce functions, such as the cloud-based POS system connecting multiple electronic payment methods and logistics options, inventory management, CRM membership management, membership promotion and discount settings, connection to social media Facebook and Instagram to manage posts, and Chatbot David can be set to reply to customer questions or orders to help you automatically operate and sell 24/7.

No other hidden charges or transaction commission to be charged! Register now to contact STOREBERRY service consultant to make an appointment for system demonstration and explanation, or register for a 30-day free trial to see how useful it is!

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