Store design and content

Customize the top menu bar

To customize the top menu bar of your E-shop, you'll first need to add your product collection. To customize the top menu bar,

  1. Go to "E-shop"

  2. Under "Home" subcategory, toggle to "Menu". Drag the collections that you'd like to see in your top menu bar (and according to the order you'd like them to show)

  3. Click "Save"

  4. Click "E-Shop" button to preview your E-shop


Changing the store name and logo

  1. Go to "E-shop"

  2. Under "Home" subcategory, revise your shop name and shop logo accordingly


Can I publish a content page but hide it from the menu bar

Yes, you can create a content page that is not linked from the menu bar. To create this,

  1. Go to "E-shop"

  2. Select "+Add Page"

  3. Enter the page title and input the content in the space provided.

  4. Click "Save"

  5. To get the link of this content page, refer to the link under "Page Title".

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