Managing the store

Adding a new product

  1. Go to "Products"

  2. Click "Add Product"

  3. Upload the product image and input the product details accordingly

  4. If the product is under a new product category, just input the category name under "Collection" and tab "Enter". It will appear as a new product

  5. If you have different variants for the product (eg. color, size...etc), click "add variants"

  6. Input product inventory

  7. Select product availability and platform to sell accordingly

  8. Click "Save"


Setting variant

  1. Go to "Products"

  2. For a new product, click "Add Product"

  3. For an existing product, click on the product and click "Edit Product"

  4. Scroll to "Options" and select "+Add option"

  5. Enter the variant name (eg. color, size...etc) and its value accordingly

  6. In the variant value field, tab "Enter" to create a new variant value

  7. Input the SKU, cost, price and weight for each variant combination accordingly

  8. Input the inventory of each variant combination under "Inventory" session

  9. Click "Save"


Disable/removing a product

  1. Go to "Products"

  2. Click onto the product to disable/remove

  3. Update the availability under "Status"


Selecting the platform to sell your product

  1. Go to "Products"

  2. For a new product, click "Add Product"

  3. For an existing product, click on the product to edit

  4. Toggle the product availability under "Online" and "Retail"


Add/remove product collection

  1. Go to "Collections"

  2. Select "Add Collection" and fill in the information accordingly.

  3. To create a "Parent Collection", just leave "Parent Collection" field blank when you create a new collection

  4. To create a sub-collection, please create the parent collection first. Then when you create the sub-collection, you can select the parent collection from the drop down accordingly.


Posting on social media platform via Storeberry platform

You can simply update your E-shop and Facebook page simultaneously with one single update. In your Facebook post, your prospects not only can view the product features and images of your product, but this also provides a link to divert them to buy it instantly on your E-shop once they show interest to your product. Thus increasing the chance to convert the customer buying intention to an actual sale.

  1. Before you can put Facebook post via Storeberry platform, please ensure you have connected with your Facebook page

  2. Go to "Facebook Posts"

  3. Click "Add post to Facebook"

  4. Type in your message and select the product to link to this Facebook post

  5. You can publish the post immediately or choose to schedule the posting date and time under "Publish"

  6. Click "Post"


Hiding a product from E-Shop

  1. Go to "Products"

  2. Click on the product to edit

  3. Switch to "Hide" under "Online"

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