Chatbot - David

What is a chatbot and why do I need one

Simply put, a chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users. Nowadays, people use messengers more than other types of apps. Chatbot allows you to stay connected with people where they already spend most of their time, and more importantly, it is more cost effective when compared with a human staff.


What can David do for me

David is like any staff in your store. He can help you to answer private messages and post comments on Facebook messenger, instantly and automatically. With the built-in retail intelligence, David further helps to convert enquiries into actual sales, and helps recommending products to customers. With this, not only David can help drives sales significantly, but he also helps freeing up your time to handle other customer issues.


Enabling David for the first time

  1. Go to "David - chatbot"

  2. Click "Enable Chatbot"

  3. Connect to the facebook page that you want to enable David

  4. Choose "Turn on chatbot"

  5. Note: David is turned on by default. We"d strongly suggest our client to review the pre-set answers for David as soon as possible to provide a best experience to your customer.


Editing the default response

  1. On "David - chatbot" page, click on the message you'd like to edit

  2. For default chatbot flow for retail, you can only edit the keyword that triggers the default response

  3. In the keywords field, enter the keywords that would trigger the response. For example, for a welcome message, the triggering keyword could be "hi", "hello", "你好", "Good morning" ....etc


Creating a new response flow

  1. On "David - chatbot" page, click "+Add Chat"

  2. Enter the flow name

  3. Enter the keywords to trigger the response in the keyword pane

  4. In the response pane on the right, type in the message to show

  5. To add a call-to-action button, click "+Add Button"

  6. Rename the button by over-riding the desired name on "Button"

  7. Select the URL to link where to link this new button to

  8. Click "Save"

  9. Note: Test services thoroughly on different types of devices before letting David goes live.

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